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Tuesday, April 18, 2006



I will miss reading you words.

andy goodliff

Brodie, hope everything's ok. Will miss the interchange of ideas

Dougie Lochhead

Yeh Brodie

I'm not sure what to say. It was interesting reading your thoughts and for showing me some theology that I probably would never have read.

I hope everything is alright. Catch up with you on Sunday.

Thomas aka Headphonaught

Only know you through your words, bro... will miss them! Offer is there for a coffee in town.


Thomas aka Headphonaught


Respect to you bro, for your decision; for whatever reasons - I know full well that for various times in our lives we just have to break off from some things that we do; perhaps out of obedience or to keep ourselves fresh or as a safeguard or ..........whatever.
Remembering well a hard decision I had to take with regard to being part of an online community some years ago (I sound like a very old person!!!) but it was the best decision I ever made though very difficult at the time.

Hey - why have I got so serious!!! You may just have lots of hardware going in for repair!! :-))

Andy S

Enjoyed your reflections Brodie, keep the faith...

Andy S


You'll be missed in the blogosphere mate. Seriously. But let's still have that coffee - interesting things afoot in jobsearchland and I'd love your input. Email me when you can. God Bless bro.


Enjoy your blog holiday, brodie. Come back again before too long. I've enjoyed your thoughts.


Thanks to all of you whe left a comment - I'm touched.

As you can see I’ve posted something today – but I’m still away. I’ve stared to think of this break from blogging as a sabbatical – so I’m out the office as it were but pop in every now and again. I’m planning to blog regularly again after the summer, till may post a couple of things.

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