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Friday, March 10, 2006


andy goodliff

sounds good - anything that brings in different learning styles. I think it would work great with some adults, those who are visual learners especially, other adults you might have to get them to see it as still doing 'bible study' (whatever that means).


Nice one on the Colossians thing. May try that. I did something similar last Monday night, only with words cos our bunch obviously aren't as arty as yours. Got the young people to take Isaiah 58 and "pretend they were the pastor" - looking at context, themes and writing their own small group discussion questions. I was really pleased with the depth and downright praxis-soaked nature of their questions.

Who'd have thought, eh? Young people actually interpreting Scripture for themselves. What will they think of next? ;)

P.S. let's have that meet-up soon. Need to pick your brains further about emergent youth ministry and world domination...

Rodney Olsen

It wouldn't work for me. I can't draw to save my life. :)


Thanks for the comments. What is interesting is that these kids aren't actually that arty. While it may be easier if you can draw well artistic skill is not required.


So it's a kind of Bible Pictionary in reverse - Yranoitcip if you like.
Iran-o-itcip. It could catch on you know...

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