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Wednesday, February 22, 2006



Thanks for the link - interesting interview!


now worries Elaine - it's just nice for a change to listen to a Christian being interviewed in the media and not cringe!

Andy S

Hi Brodie, I also heard the interview. Was very refreshing to hear it and I thought Wallis was very articulate and did a lot to give some respectability to faith's involvement with politics. Also liked Mayo's reference to Bono as an OT prophet!


I know from your blog Andy that your a Bono fan and yes I too would think that Bono is like an OT prophet. I also think that God has used and prehaps will continue to use Geldof even if Sir Bob does not recognise this.

I must however admit to being frustrated with Christians who question Bono's walk with Jesus because he doesn't conform to what "they" thinka Christian should be. We need to get behind people like this, pray for them, encourage them etc.

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