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Friday, February 24, 2006



Hello Brodie McGregor (what a fantastically Scottish name!) I'm a friend of Paul Thomson's and came across this link on "Wee Beautiful Pict"...you are not the only one! I agree that it is outrageous and unacceptable behaviour. Believe it or I think George Clooney may also be with you!? Apparently he personally put up the money to produce "Good Night and Good Luck" (now showing at cinemas across UK) in order to make a political statement. Allegedly, getting the rights to make this film, was no mean feat and he had to commit to doing Oceans11 for free, as well as persuade Matt Damon to agree to star in it. It was well worth it in my opinion, the parallels between president McCarthy's unscrupulous methods of ousting Communism and president Bush's "You're either for us or against us" operandi for tackling terrorism are blatant; if you've not seen it then you may find it interesting.

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