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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Dougie Lochhead

Conmtinue playing with the boys. That kind of quality time is important for kids - I remember when my mum used to take us to the park and play with us in the holidays. It was a big outing even though it was only a few miles away.

Dad could never go on those trips as he was working and when we go home now he always want to spend time with us to make up for it. But you can go back to those simple days with no tv and internet to distract from quality family time.

Don't you have webmail on your crypt account?


Although I couldn't make the Christmas eve service I thought the Christmas day service was particularly good this year. Those services often seem to lack content - but this year with the Narnia theme, and your presentation and praying for people round the world, really inspired me.


webmail - what's that when it's at home? Hope your doing well Dougie and the your not frozen or snowed in!

Cheers for the encouragement Hippo on the services.

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