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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Suzanna Bond

I appreciate what you're saying here about assuming what's edible in North America isn't necessarily what's to be served up in the UK.
I have been to Ukraine lately and at least the language barrier slows us down a peg to think about what we're exporting. They are starting to use an iMovie I made for their English Club. Oh Lordy!! what did I put on that thing?? They would like more. How can I assume that what might speak to me would speak to them? Takes a ton of humility and prayer. The media might be fast, but I need to take it slow.


What your doing in the Ukraine sounds good. I think the use of new technologies cross boundaries better. What I'm thinking of here is where leadership styles, ways of doing church are imported in a one size fits all manner and there is no attempt to contextualise this.

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