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Friday, September 16, 2005



Funny, I was looking at some of those in a shop the other week. I was intrigued.

I may look harder, now.


Brodie...bout ye?
They're really well presented and produced, but I found it to be a little American in message. Rob's a talented man.


Si - yes very American - but I recon the young people I work with don't perhaps have the hang up's about this that us old foggies might. They've absorbed so much of Americana from normal TV that I think they are immune to it now and don't really notice.


Hi, new to your blog... we use these in our youth service here in California. Curious to know from your perspective- what is meant by 'American in message'. Is this about americana distracting or is americana a turn-off? These videos would be much appreciated by my friends in Ukraine in ministry, aside from language issues, as they crave exploring new media, but can't get to it often because of technical barriers.


Hi, I was given the challenge of finding some multimedia for our growing praise night to break away from the more traditional stuff , when i came across this ( rain) firstly i cried alot as i felt that god was really speaking , then i got really excited as I wanted to share with everyone else, tonight I present this too our group , hopefully we won't have some closed minds that can't see through the media or language or rob bell. Im my opinion they are excellent .

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