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Thursday, September 29, 2005



Challengng stuff indeed. Maybe we should think about being "downwardly mobile": becoming all things to all people that we might reach some.


Mr rhubarb (hey am I allowed to use your real name?). The challenge as always is to move beyond the fine words to actually live this stuff out. I know Wes is trying to do this by working with some groups that reach out to homeless people here in Glasgow.


One of the most innovative and creative ministers I know is Canon Philip Noble. He once said to me that the people that impressed him most in ministry were those that faithfully persevered. Those determined saints that despite all the difficulties; regardless of the sparsity or variable quality of the fruit of their labours; whether they were lauded, deplored or ignored; kept doing what God had called them to do, in the same place, for 20 or 30 or more years. I see his point. I know I have a tendency to look for the Next Big Thing or the latest New Thing and too easily forget to seek out the Ancient of Days. It's about "doing the stuff" or at least, being like Jesus, and only doing what we see the father doing.
TBH I'd often much rather slump in front of the TV ...

And despite such unspiritual confessions, you're welcome to use my real name.

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