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Wednesday, September 14, 2005



> And yet at times that seems to me what some many Christians are desperately seeking as if on some grail quest.

I've heard a depressing number of Christians promise that as what the Gospel brings. Unfortunately, that hasn't been my experience. But that's by the by...

I spent a little time last year having a look at Job. I was struck by the absence of any easy answers to these questions, and the lack of a formula that will explain "why?" in every eventuality.

God isn't well served when we try to reduce him to an equation: A and B happen, therefore C follows. Extrapolate back, F happened, so it must have been because of D and E.

Two things come to mind reading your post.

1) Quite a while back, I was at on a youth weekend away (as a young person, which dates it apporximately for you :-), and the speaker was an incredibly down to earth guy. Something he said has stuck with me ever since. He said that when he was hurt, angry, confused, whatever, he went out into a field, alone, and had a good old yell at God. Which is alright, because God's rather a lot bigger than one man's anger.

2) Job went through his despair, but at the end of it God was still God, and was greater than Job's doubt, and was wholly trustworthy. God didn't explain to Job why his life was taken apart. Instead, he reminded Job who he could trust.


Y'know, I'm not sure altogether where I'm going with this. Bear with me.


The promise of Heaven is wonderful. And ultimately these things are only for a time.

But I have little patience for the Christian who offers the comfort of Sugarcandy Mountain - "Don't worry, love. You've heaven to look forward to. It'll make up for it, and none of this matters anyway." - and leaves it there.

I do find comfort in Scripture that doesn't gloss over the fact that life is tough. It hurts. But that calls us to remember who is with us, right alongside.

As you say, we're used to easy answers and solutions. I think we've lost something that was plain in the past. We expect centrally-heated niceness. Because we can cure many ills, we expect every ill to be cured. Where the reality is that that is not the way the world works. Are we spoilt children stamping our feet and demanding why Father won't make it all nice and easy?

[Maybe here I can drag myself back to the point of your post.]

I wonder has God got such blessing for us, yet we miss it because we're too busy demanding what we want?

[Apologies for my unfocussed ramble.]


I think we miss a lot of what God wants to do for us and in us because like some petulant child we're busy demanding something else.

I'd also agree that we don't want to be saying it will be alright in the bye and bye. My point about the ultimate is how we relate it to the now, yet this cannot be done by a "dangerous simplicity". That said I think there is a kind of holy simplicity if i can coin a term that leads us to a place of discovering God's shalom even in the biggest storm.

Dave Lynch

Cool guys, some really thought provoking stuff here, and not much to add really...simply to reaffirm all you said, we wait on Him and we accept the answers he gives, even if is not the way we demand it



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