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Friday, August 19, 2005



Good site, but I couldn't find the RSS feed. Could you get one added?


Sorry Henry - I know in theroy about RSS feeds but have never managed to use it in practice, nor put one on the blog. Perhaps you can help?


Should be a 2 stage process to setup - according to this:

From your Typepad account: "On your Weblogs tab, click the Edit Configuration Edit Configuration link for the weblog you want to edit, then click the Publicity & Feeds link to open the Syndication setup page."

I think this should create a feed:

2. Then:
You can display a link for your RSS feed on your site by Setting Your Content Selections and selecting the Syndicate Link for display. This link can then be dragged and dropped into a news reader to subscribe to the feed.

I'm a http://www.bloglines.com fan myself.

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