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Wednesday, March 30, 2005



Evangelical? I thought I was a Christian! ;-)

On the book reading, you are entitled to read what you want and what brings you pleasure, knowledge or inspiration, anything else is unsolicited advice.

BTW, have a look at Biblical Theology Blog... Jim West,
and see what he reads, 'Dae yer heid in!'



Read anything by A.W. Tozer to keep you in check- he calls things for what they are and provides an excellent guide-rail for staying 'uncompromised'.

For a real treat, try William Gurnall's "The Christian in Complete Armour" (Banner of Truth, 3 paperback volumes). You will get all the theology you need but more importantly you will be refreshed, encouraged and empowered by this great Puritan work. Don't read fast, chew on passages, and you will find more in a sentence than many modern books have from cover to cover. No exaggeration.


Oops- I was only supposed to mention ONE book. Sorry.

J. M. Richards

Anything by John Eldredge, but I reccomend "Waking the Dead."

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