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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


andy goodliff

I think I'd have to go with Hauerwas on this one. If the church is to be the church it's going to be distinctive, with it's own set of beliefs and practices. I cannot see it can't be a polis, although I'm interested to know why Volf says its a mistake.


A PAssion For God's Reign...now there's a book! Due to the high levels of inspiration, I'd run with it every time Brodie.


I'd have to run with Volf here too. Hauerwas seems to fall into the trap of being sectarian at times don't you think?

Sarah Collins

I'm actually studying Rasmusson at present for the dissertation part of my MA in Christianity and Culture. (It's a great book btw). I agree that Hauerwas tends to be sectarian whereas i think Moltmann's great because he actually engages with modern thought forms showing how Christians can evangelise through them.


Sarah - hope your study of Rasmusson goes well, however I think Hauerwas' sectarianism can be misunderstood and overplayed.

Sarah Collins

Thank you. It'll all be over in 11 days, then i'll be able to sleep peacefully! :) In what sense do you think Hauerwas' sectarianism can be misunderstood and overplayed?

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