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Wednesday, February 16, 2005



I agree about Christians today being rather narcissistic (myself very much included). But I think the solution depends on what you mean by "perish" and "reaching out". Although really, any sort of "reaching out" is so easily perceived (by the reached-to and/or the reacher) as unwanted interference. Passion and tolerance often don't sit so easily together.


Anneke - yes, to coin a phrase 'the devil is always in the detail'. Reaching out is difficult which is why I encouraged our guys to start with prayer rather than assault their friends the next day. I was thinking of three types of prayer, (1) prayer that we would care and love like God does, (2) prayer that we would know Gods empowering to reach out, rather than just do what we've always done, (3) prayer that people would be open and receptive to the good news of Jesus. I know this is not exhaustive, but I think for many of they people I was speaking to it is a good starting place.

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